Mobile Concierge & Drive-through

Rapid Lab’s certified team phlebotomists who are on standby to help you whenever you need blood draw in the comfort of your home, office or hospital ward and a drive through service where you can visit our parking site and sit in the comfort your car to be attended to. Your specimen will be delivered to our laboratory with care, timely and professionally. Our mobile & Drive-through phlebotomy service is a convenient, safe, professional, confidential and cost-effective choice you can trust.
Kindly select what best represents you or your organization.
1. Patients
Get phlebotomy services from the comfort of your own home now. We follow industry- leading protocols for accurate processing, packaging and delivery of specimens to our laboratory for testing.
2. Practitioners
We are your one stop shop for the collection, processing and delivery of specimens required for the diagnostic testing you prescribe. We offer a flexible option and ehealth share that is, you can schedule to have our phlebotomist at your facility for either half day or whole sessions or we will be available on demand per draw.
3. Hospital labs
Reach out to our phlebotomist anytime you need specimens to be collected to and from our lab and we are more than willing to assist you.
4. Corporate body
Our mobile Concierge phlebotomists would be happy to assist your employees with specimen collection, processing, and delivery to our lab without distorting their work schedules. We can set a flexible site within or very close to your company without disrupting workflow. We can also assist with specimen collection and testing for pre- employment and annual employee screening.