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We believe when a diagnosis is accurate and made in a timely manner, a patient has the best opportunity for a positive health outcome because clinical decision making will be tailored to a correct understanding of the patient’s health problem
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We pride ourselves in diverse fields of medical diagnostics and accurate results

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We believe in leveraging technology to create an enhanced healthcare experience and convenience using our latest cutting-edge equipment

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Tema Community 11
GPS : GT 078-8646
Tema, Ghana

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We Employ the Latest Research Technology & Ultra-modern Equipment

Rapid Lab and Diagnostics is a  modern diagnostic center in Tema. It is one of the leading facilities which issues online test results to save time.We have employed skilled and experienced technicians as well as technologically advanced diagnostic equipments to help doctors. We provide patients with accurate and diagnostically meaningful results. To this end strict Quality Control programmes – both Internal and External are incorporated into our laboratory processes.

“I believe Rapid Lab & Diagnostics is going to be a major game changer with more research, more data and better diagnosis.”

Ebo Eturu Sampe

Co-founder, CEO of Rapid Lab & Diagnostics

Why People Trust Us

Because we are people centered and pride ourselves in delivering top notch diagnostics services to our clients.

High Quality Lab

We have quality lab equipment that help us to deliver accurate results

Unmatched Expertise

Our expertise in the field of diagnostics is unmatched in the market

Precise Result

Precise and accurate results to make well informed health decisions

Qualified Staff

We have an amazing staff who are well qualified in the field rendering quality services to our clients

Get One Step Ahead Of Disease

we have a team who is always on standby to attend to your emergency cases and we are just a button away from you.

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Tema Community 11 GPS : GT 078-8646 Tema, Ghana

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